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  1. No use denying I'm a bit ängstlich about tomorrow, my first day of school. I have a math class, namely MATH-M 405, which I'm taking as a grad course 590. I've banged around for days now trying to get my computer chops up: figuring out stuff like bibtex—which I didn't figure out further than knowing how to add stuff to a *.bib file—but not how to display anything in a useful way.
  2. My other two courses are on-line (MATH 511 and MATH 563) and seem a bit odd. I looked at the People section, and from what I can tell, they seem to be older and mostly in teaching. I think the majority of them are in it for the undergrad course, both being taught simultaneously.
  3. Look for more updates as they come. Test 2017-01-08_e9c872c2c80080267ba9ca5b3e8deb29a4736837.png.

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